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Planning Application

St William has planning permission for the demolition and redevelopment of the Oxted gasholder site.

It will deliver 77 apartments (12 x 1 beds, 51 x 2 beds and 14 x 3 beds) which will meet the needs of the local area. The proposals include 105 parking spaces ensuring that every apartment will have at least one car parking space and 95 cycle spaces. Every apartment will have private amenity either as a balcony or terrace and communal amenity space in the landscape courtyard.

The following key planning documents can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

· Design and Access Statement

· Landscape Statement

· Planning Statement

· Transport Assessment

· Statement of Community Engagement

The full application can be viewed on Tandridge District Councils website with the reference number 2017/2064.

St William are now preparing a masterplan for the comprehensive development of both the gasholder site and Johnsdale carpark for residential development and intend to submit a new planning application that makes best use of both sites.

St William welcome feedback and encourage comments to be submitted through the Contact Us Page or via email to info@oxtedgasholder.co.uk.

Oxted Gas Holder, Proposed View